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5 Common Mistakes in Visualisation

1.      Relax!
One of the most common mistakes that we make when we are new to visualisation is NOT relaxing enough.

Thinking about relaxing is not the same as actually relaxing! Trying to relax is not relaxing.

Being able to relax deeply is very important because that's when your brain wave patterns slow down to Alpha brain waves (7 to 14 Hz), a much more effective state for creative visualisation.

If you're having trouble relaxing, a simple yet effective relaxation technique is to put on some soft baroque music and breathe deeply into your abdomen and think gratitude thoughts.


2.      Focus on Clear Goals
Another common mistake that most beginners make when trying to visualise is to constantly keep changing their goals, and/or don't have a clear idea of what they really want or their motive for wanting it is not pure. What they want may actually not be good for them.

If you keep changing your mind, God is not going to be able to give you what you ask for. 

It's like going to a restaurant and trying to order a meal. If you don't know what you want, or if you keep changing your mind every two minutes, the chef won't be able to prepare your meal.


3.      Let Go
After you finish your daily sessions in creative visualisation, just let it go.

Don't keep on thinking of it all the time. Just forget about it.

There are 2 reasons for this.  

o        Firstly, you need to give some time to manifest your goals. Just like a seed has a certain gestation period to grow into a plant, your goals will also need some time to manifest.

It's like planting a seed and waiting anxiously for it to grow into a plant. If you keep digging up the seed every few hours to see if it's started growing, that seed is likely to die even before it has a chance to grow. 

o        Secondly, most people actually unknowingly send negative energies instead of positive energies to their goals.

Usually, most people think about the bad times in the past, or worry about some imagined fear in the future (most likely, thinking about what might happen if they didn't achieve their goals).

Both of these kinds of thoughts are not helpful, and actually make it difficult for you manifest with creative visualisation.

Instead of moving towards your goals, you'll end up moving away from your goals!

When Creative Visualisation
Doesn't Seem To Work


I mean, you've been visualising for months on end, but nothing seems to happen.

4.      Sometimes it may seem as if it's not working as planned.
Sometimes, the journey to manifesting your true desires is not always immediately obvious to us.  The reality is, life doesn't always go as you've planned. Just like a plant grows underground developing its root system to carry the weight of the plant and the harvest, we need to grow in character to carry the weight of responsibility and the rewards. We can’t see the roots growing and sometimes we can’t see ourselves growing.

5.   Perhaps it is that you aren’t prepared to work for what you want. Sometimes it is working on you and sometimes it is working on the task.
The universe is not your servant, like a butler to just bring what you want when you want it because you want it.  It has laws called sowing and reaping that it always operates under. If you are on this planet, you fall under this universal law. When you get really focused on what you want and you are moving towards what you want, then it seems as if things just fall into place. You get the breaks.  

It may be that what we think we want may not really be the best thing for us.  Really know why you want what you want…. the emotional reason behind your wants. 

For example, you may really hate your job, and you don’t want to do it any more, but rather than looking for alternative work, you just complain about how bad it is. So your subconscious finds a way to get what you want (out of that job) and you get injured so that you can’t work there any more.  The way you got what you wanted isn’t what you wanted. Be specific. When you are complaining about the job you are focusing on the negative and what you don’t want so instead, ask yourself what is the alternative and what can you do or who must you be to create it?

Just keep moving towards becoming the person to handle what it is that you want.

And you know what, it's true.