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Press Release #3 

The Law of Attraction

Let me tell you about my day yesterday... We are having a big conference this week end at church and Ruth Graham (Billy Graham's daughter) is the guest speaker. I have been asked to be on a book stall in the foyer before and after sessions. (to sell my book and answer questions)  I thought to myselfif I am on a stall I probably won't have a chance to meet her personallywhich I would really love to do!  Anyway, I thought it and then released it.  The next day I got a phone call from the the organizer of the event asking if I would do them a favour... sure happy to help out what do you need... we need someone to go and pick up Ruth Graham and take her to... and we were wondering if you would do that for us... 

I took her to coffee at the Heritage Estate and we had 2 1/2 hours together and I gave her my book.  She asked could she take a picture with me!  and I said sure - I have a camera here may I take one on my camera with you?   

Yvonne & Ruth
Ruth and Yvonne

Where are your thoughts taking you? As you practice taking control of your thought and God knows he can trust you to have postive upbuilding creative life enriching thoughts, then the power is turned up a notch. 

The Law of Attraction works. Are you getting what you are thinking?