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Press Release #1

Press Release: THE NEWS – Adelaide
Tuesday, April 5, 1983
By Diane Beer


Mexican herb therapy cured me of cancer says Yvonne 


Refusal to undergo Surgery for cancer took all the courage Yvonne Chamberlain, 37, could muster.  

Instead, she was on a flight to a Mexico cancer clinic within 36 hours - and now claims to be cured. She had a malignant melanoma, which is the most dangerous and swift killer of all skin cancers.  

"I thought everyone else gets cancer, but not me," Yvonne said while describing her recovery.  

"Following the biopsy test the doctor here insisted on immediate surgery.  


"I asked him about my chances and he said a patient had lived only six weeks following a diagnosis.  

"A mole I had had for years on my leg had become malignant but I knew surgery could be dangerous.  

"At first I couldn't understand his panic over a thing I had had for years," she said.  

Yvonne had little time to consider the alternatives.  

The herbs and chemicals used in her treatment are listed in books she has on the Mexico clinics. 

“I’m still taking a tonic prepared by the clinic, together with the vitamins and new diet,” she said. 


Extracts of Red Clover, Burdock, Stillingia root, Barberis, Poke root. Cascara; Prickly Ash, Ash bark, Buckthorn bark, Liquorice, Aromatic USP 14 and Potassium iodide were in the mixture which Yvonne claims led to the growth "dropping out."  

Doctors at the Mexico clinic saw her immediately on arrival and within five days of her beginning to take a solution of herbs and chemicals the growth on her leg had shrunk to the size of a walnut.  

"It just fell out leaving a big gaping hole and the stringy-looking roots were visible on the outer edges," she said.  

"I was then given a powder to put into the hole and gradually the fibres came away.  

"The doctors examined me thoroughly and found a further growth in the uterus which also came away."  

Now three months later Yvonne's flesh almost has re-grown over the hole in her leg and she is claiming a complete cure.  

"I couldn't have done it without my husband Ian and our faith," she said..  

"We can't condemn the medical profession in any way, but they should look at the alternatives and people should have the freedom of choice."  

Treatment cost about $1700 and fares $1200.  

"But it would have cost that in medical expenses and a funeral by now," she said.  

With a new diet and a renewed appreciation of her family life with three children aged 9, 11 and 13, Yvonne is a crusader for holistic medicine and good healthy living.