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When You Hit the Wall


Some suggestions for dealing with the walls you run into. 


You've probably heard about marathon runners hitting "the wall". 


The Wall comes in all shapes and sizes. Call it what you want; I just refer to it as good old fashioned fatigue. 


Anything worthwhile takes hard work and eventually you'll come up against "The Wall" of fatigue. 


Many millions of well intentioned travellers lose their way or stop moving toward their goal when they arrive at this point. We can and will get tired. What will you do when you get there? The saying is “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. That is why we need a coach and support team to encourage us along when the going gets tough. Life wasn’t meant to do alone.  


My main objective is to keep others around me cranking along - especially when they've hit the wall. My motto is that “I am a life enricher. I help others to help themselves”.  


Here's some suggestions on dealing with the dilemma of fatigue as you chase down your dreams: 


Tip #1: Plan ahead. When you plan ahead and know that fatigue is probable you'll have much more stamina to push through.  Preparation proceeds power, so go into this with your eyes wide open-prepared to face the wall of fatigue that you'll eventually run into. Protect yourself from fatigue by eating right, exercising right, and refuelling the mind with positive imput. 


Tip #2: Pace yourself. So often, eager entrepreneurs are in such a rush.  As the kids say, “are we there yet?” What's the hurry? Enjoy the journey. Take time to smell the coffee and view the roses. If you give yourself a longer, perhaps more realistic timeline to accomplish your goals, you'll enjoy the journey much more. You'll also get a lot further along before you hit the wall, and that realization will give you more motivation to keep on going. 


Tip # 3 Reward yourself along the way.  On any journey there will be sign posts to let you know how far it is to the destination. Plan breaks along the way where you can reward yourself for the accomplishment to date. The rejuvenation from the reward can stimulate you incredibly and remind you of the worthwhile ness of your goal. 


Tip #3: Follow someone’s lead and benefit from their draft. I love watching the tour de France. You see the cyclists riding about an inch from the wheel in front of them and in this way they cut headwind resistance by more than 50%. Go get someone with expertise, strength and experience out in front of you, someone that you can trust to show you the way and to lighten the load. You might even bust right through that wall without missing a beat and not even realize it. 


Accept that you'll eventually hit "The Wall"; embrace it—so you don’t collapse in despair; keep your head up—so you don’t drown in self pity; keep your eye on the original vision—so you maintain your focus on the destination; and find moral support—so that you can be positively nourished...trust us, we've been there and the end result on the other side of the wall is well and truly worth it!