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"WHY ME?" 

Kicking Cancer... and Other Life Changing Stuff

Why it's in you to become successful, happy, healthy and wealthy in all areas of your life.

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Here are 183 pages of exquisite food for the mind, that to feed the body costs less than an ordinary restaurant meal. Don't delay, buy today and treat yourself or a friend to a special read that reveals the power of the human spirit to overcome all odds, and find the keys and the will to not only survive but succeed in the darkest corners of life.

Reference: BK-001
(Including Postage):AU$25.00

 "Why Me" tells the story of my messy life. My marriage was rocky and then in the middle of decay and disintegration I was diagnosed with virulent black melanoma and given six weeks to live. Now here was a way to die, go to heaven and leave the mess to my husband and no one would know that my life wasn't working. Here was a way I could gracefully leave the planet and no one would have to know that our marriage was a living disaster. No one would know that I was a failure and finding life a bitter pill to swallow.

Now twenty years on I am still around, still married to the same man. Life is an incredible blast, and I have the opportunity of sharing my journey and the keys I have learnt along the way in "Why Me" on how to:

  • Evaluate the important things in life
  • Find balance in life's important areas
  • Turn cirmcumstances into friends
  • Know and understand yourself
  • Live with health, energy and vitality
  • Make the right choices for healthy relationships
  • Be motivated toward your potential
  • Live from the inside out
  • Have it all without turning to greed
  • Harness yourself to self mastery

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"Why Me"...
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