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Knowledge is power. wisdom is knowing when to use that power effectively.

My book "Why Me?" has hit a chord with many people who identify with the challenges and issues discussed in the book. This site continues the journey with articles designed to inspire, empower, encourage and support in moving all of us forward towards our fullest potential.

I also come across many useful articles relating to this  goal of mine and seek to bring these to your attention as an added value to my book.

In your travels, you may come across material or ideas that you think would be ideal to share with other readers of my book, please do not hesitate to contact me so that everyone can benefit.


Download this PDF document titled:
Your Bucket List to Vitality...
Your Bucket List to Vitality


  • Apples & Pears
    Are you an apple or a pear? Fruits describing body shapes and predispositions.
  • Creating the Life YOU Want
    Anyone would be hard pressed to find a high achiever who doesn't live by the following tips.
  • Foods Influence Mood
    Foods Influence Mood, Foods have an amazing ability that can either energise, or turn you into a couch potato.
  • Gratitude
    Gratitude has transforming power both for the giver and the recipient.
  • Hitting the Wall
    When You Hit the Wall. Some suggestions for dealing with the walls you face.
  • Low Energy
    Low energy is the number one health complaint. Everywhere you go people are looking for energy!
  • Business as a Single Parent
    Being a single parent is hard enough but is it possible to run a super successful business too?
  • Self Control
    Learning how to tell yourself ‘no’ is an important step to becoming a stronger, wiser and more mature person.
  • That Glass of Wine
    Should I have That Glass of Wine ? People have used alcohol in one form or another since prehistoric times.
  • Visualisation Works
    Simple steps in learning to make visualisation work for you.
  • What's For Breakfast?
    Breakfast - The Forgotten Meal, People who eat breakfast are doing themselves and their body a favour
  • ZIP-UP Your Relationships
    ZIP-up Your Relationships. How to put some Z.I.P. into your relationships -